William Morris, CFA

Head of Investments

William Morris, CFA is Head of Investments at Weatherbys Private Bank. He has over a decade of experience encompassing investment advice, portfolio optimisation and risk modelling, and enjoys bringing this world to life in a friendly and engaging way.

Having joined Barclays Wealth in 2009, William has analysed and made proposals for the portfolios of FTSE 100 CEOs, and his career has bridged time spent in front of clients as well as in investment engine rooms. This gives him an uncommon understanding of what investors value, how to quantify it, and how to design portfolios that achieve it.

Prior to Weatherbys, William was the Quantitative Specialist at Oxford Risk, where he was engaged in data science projects relating to investor sentiment and attitudes to sustainability, as well as pioneering research into performance dispersion and its behavioural causes.

William is a CFA® Charterholder and a member of the London Quant Group. He achieved a First Class Masters in Mathematics from Imperial College London, where he was awarded a G-Research award for Academic Excellence (top 5 students).

Outside work, William is a keen swimmer and avid cinephile, but is mostly preoccupied with transporting his daughter.