Confirmation of Payee is a name checking service. When an individual or business needs to pay you, they will be able to check they are sending the money to you.

Confirmation of Payee gives your payers the confidence they are paying the right person and are not being accidentally or deliberately misdirected. It will help avoid the simple mistakes we can all make when inputting data from a keyboard or mobile phone keypad etc.

  • Make sure you give your full name as it appears on your account to anyone paying you.
  • Remind people not to create their own shortened version of your name, such as just using initials or a nickname. We will only recognise the name we have on your account.
  • When a person is paying into a joint account, they should enter the full name (first and last name) of at least one of the account owners. If they are including more than one name, they must enter the full name of each of the account owners, separated by the word ‘and’, e.g. Jack Cop and Julie Cop.
  • Make sure any of your associates who deal with payment-related queries are aware of Confirmation of Payee and can provide the correct details to payers.

Check the name on your bank statement; it is the name in the address window section of your statement.

You can also speak to your private banking team or Relationship Manager or contact the Private Bank on +44 (0) 1933 543 600 or the Racing Bank on +44 (0) 1933 543 543.

You can request to opt out of having your details checked when other people try to pay you. Please speak to your private banking team or Relationship Manager or contact the Private Bank on +44 (0) 1933 543 600 or the Racing Bank on +44 (0) 1933 543 543 to discuss the options available to you.

By opting out, it means your Weatherbys account(s) will not be checked when another person or business tries to make a payment to you. Your payers will receive a message that your details cannot be checked. This could result in delays in payments getting to you, as those setting up new payments may be reluctant to proceed without confirmation of your details.

Confirmation of Payee opt-outs need to be made with all your banks. Opting out with Weatherbys will not opt you out of this service from other banks you may be with.

To opt back into the Confirmation of Payee service, please speak to your private banking team or Relationship Manager or contact the Private Bank on +44 (0) 1933 543 600 or the Racing Bank on +44 (0) 1933 543 543 to discuss the options available to you.

No, the check is made in real time, so the person paying you can proceed to make the payment as usual.

Weatherbys Private Bank clients should speak their private banking team in the first instance.

Weatherbys Racing Bank clients should speak to their Relationship Manager in the first instance.

You can make a complaint by telephone, by email or by letter, although for your security, we would urge you not to send confidential account information by email.

Tel: +44(0)1933 543 3577


Write to: Complaints, Weatherbys Bank Limited, Sanders Road, Wellingborough, Northamptonshire, NN8 4BX

This is on-screen confirmation that all of the details match.

The name of the account or the account type you are paying does not match exactly with what our records show for you. Your payer should contact you to confirm the details are correct before making a payment. It could be as simple as the client providing O McDonald and the account being in the name Oscar McDonald.

Your payer will need to first check they have entered the details provided by you correctly. If they have, they should then contact you to confirm they have the correct details including account name, sort code, account number and account type (business or personal). If the details are correct, you should contact your private banking team or Relationship Manager to confirm the details we hold for your account so you can provide the correct information to your payers. Your account name may differ from how your name appears on your debit card, for example.

There may be occasions when the Confirmation of Payee service is unavailable. If the service is going to be down for two hours or more, we will let you know. Your payer should also check with you to confirm if the details they have are correct before continuing with a payment.

We should all carefully consider if any payment request is genuine – this is especially true when you receive a ‘no match’ response following a Confirmation of Payee check.

It is good guidance for payers to use their own name/business name. This makes it easier for you to identify when a payment has been made.

While Confirmation of Payee (inbound) provides an extra level of reassurance to your payers, it does not automatically guarantee a fraudulent payment will be detected. The decision to pay remains the responsibility of the payer.

Our teams are also busy working on Confirmation of Payee – outbound. This means you will benefit from even greater reassurance your payments are getting to the right people. This service will be released later in 2024.