“The future is up for grabs in a way it hasn’t been before. The impossible has become possible, clearing the way for bold ideas and new ways of being.” 

Roger Weatherby

Creating The Future

Creating The Future explores some of the world’s most challenging and exciting issues: how to bring an end to conflict, the future of money, artificial intelligence, education, regenerative medicine, biodiversity loss, climate change and pollution.

At Weatherbys Private Bank we believe that we hold an important role, not only as a trusted adviser to our clients, but also in the corporate social responsibility space. Our flagship conference, and a series of smaller events, have been stimulating discussion since 2018 about the pivotal issues affecting future generations in years to come.

2023 Creating The Future Conference

Tuesday 31st October

At this year’s conference our speakers will discuss four crucial themes: planet, health, democracy and Artificial Intelligence (AI).

We will open by exploring arguably the greatest ecological crises of our lifetime. The urgency to address climate change and biodiversity loss has arguably never been so acute for many of us, with wildfires and searing heatwaves causing havoc across many of Europe’s holiday destinations this summer.

We have several inspirational speakers, including Sir Tim Smit (Co-founder of the Eden Project), Marta Krupinska (Co-founder of Cur8), Mark Stevenson (The ‘Reluctant Futurist’) and Clover Hogan (Force of Nature). Further speakers will be announced over the coming weeks.

What you missed last time

Our last Creating The Future conference took place in the Summer of 2021. It included insights from leading minds from across the world, giving us the opportunity to not only listen but also raise our concerns and join the debate.

Topics under the spotlight included:

  • What businesses and governments should do to enable a sustainable future.
  • How pioneering technology will transform the future of healthcare.
  • What the future of food looks like and its potential impact on our society and cultural behaviours.
  • A future information landscape in which fake information is impossible to distinguish from the truth.