Everything we do is based on the Weatherbys Way which incorporates our five values:

  • Forward Looking
  • Individual
  • Responsive
  • Straightforward
  • Trusted

Forward Looking

We continually look to develop and enhance the services we offer to our clients and strive to deliver and anticipate their needs.

As a business, we do not want to and cannot afford to stand still – change is very much on the agenda with a culture of continuous improvement at the heart of everything we do.

It is vital we all consider this in the work we do every day. Whether it is making significant changes or small improvements, they all make a big difference and ensure our business is constantly moving forwards.


Our unique and personal service is centred around our clients and, unlike many of our competitors, we do not have a one-size-fits-all approach. We take the time to understand our clients’ circumstances and requirements and treat each of our clients as individuals, providing them with personalised financial solutions that meet their needs.

Internally, we recognise the strength of the individual and the diversity this brings to our business and we aim to recognise and reward individual talent, understanding how each person plays a part in our growing success.


We benefit from not being part of large institutional structures, which ensures our channels of communication are short and effective.  As a group, being responsive sets us apart from our competition and is ingrained in the way we do business.

Clients are at the heart of everything we do, and we make sure we are accessible and also always go above and beyond to meet our clients’ needs, dealing with their requests proactively and efficiently.

Being responsive also means we continually ensure our business adapts and develops in a way that best suits the changing needs of both our clients and our external environment.


Life is complicated enough, so, as a business, we always strive to make things as easy and simple as possible for ourselves and our clients.

We are easy to contact, we use plain and simple English and try to avoid jargon, which is rife in the financial services industry.

Internally, we try our best to adopt a straightforward approach – we encourage open and honest communication between team members and make sure we are clear in our communications, so we can all achieve the best possible outcomes.


Trust is a key value both internally and externally. It is about doing the right thing as integrity lies at the heart of the way we do business.

We run Weatherbys in a way that minimises risk and the security of our clients’ money comes first and foremost. Protecting clients against fraud is a priority and clients place a great deal of trust with us, so this value is apparent in all our decision making and the way we treat clients.

Teamwork is fundamental in this area and so important throughout the business – we can not achieve everything as individuals, so we need to know we can rely on our colleagues to help us all to achieve a common goal of delivering exceptional levels of personal service to our clients.