Racehorse Sponsorship Scheme

Under the terms of the Racehorse Owners VAT Scheme the horse(s) you own must be covered by a sponsorship agreement and Weatherbys Racing Bank can arrange this for you.

As of April 2023, we have enhanced our racehorse sponsorship offering and we now have two options for you to choose from. Both options allow you to reclaim VAT on your racing related activities.

Charity sponsorship

Weatherbys Racing Bank has teamed up with three key industry charities (Injured Jockeys Fund, Retraining of Racehorses & Racing Welfare) to allow you to donate your annual sponsorship payment of £100 to help a worthy cause.

What do I need to do?

Simply select your charity of choice and Weatherbys Racing Bank will make the £100 donation for you.

How do I qualify for the charity sponsorship?

It is possible to join the scheme with either a BHA or Weatherbys Racing Bank account. However, this option is only available to clients who use the Weatherbys VAT Return Service and is limited to one horse, per registered ownership.

What do the silks look like?

Your chosen charity will provide you with the logo for the front of the jockey’s silks. Our team will arrange for the logo to be produced and sent to your trainer, free of charge.

About our charity partners

Injured Jockeys Fund

Since being founded in 1964, the Injured Jockeys Fund has helped over 1,000 jockeys and their families and has paid out more than £20m in charitable assistance.  With three rehabilitation centres, Peter O’Sullevan House, Jack Berry House and Oaksey House, in Newmarket, Malton and Lambourn respectively, along with our dedicated team of regional welfare liaisons we are able to provide specialist support to retired, current and former jockeys. Our assistance takes many forms in the way of mental health, financial and physical help, as we work to remain true to our core values of ‘Compassion, Care, Support’.

For more information about the Injured Jockeys Fund or to donate please visit https://shop.ijf.org.uk/


Retraining of Racehorses

Retraining of Racehorses (RoR) is British Horseracing’s official charity for the welfare of horses who have retired from racing. The charity promotes the versatility and adaptability of racehorses for other equestrian activities and provides the necessary infrastructure and funding to care for former racehorses that without charitable intervention may be deemed vulnerable.

Thousands of racehorses leave racing every year and with your support we can help to set them up for success as well as provide support for those former racehorses whose welfare is at risk.

Your donation to RoR can make a real difference and help the charity:

  • Facilitate the transition to a second career for horses leaving racing
  • Educate the owners and riders who take on former racehorses
  • Create opportunities for former racehorses to participate and compete in a range of equine disciplines.
  • Protect the welfare of former racehorses, in particular those in need of charitable support.

For more information about RoR or to donate please visit https://www.ror.org.uk


Racing Welfare

Racing Welfare is the horseracing industry’s primary human welfare charity.

Our support is available to everyone working in or retired from the British horseracing and Thoroughbred breeding industries – from recruitment through retirement. We help people to thrive in their day-to-day lives by providing information, advice and practical support for a range of life’s challenges. Without these people, who are so passionate about our sport, a day at the races simply would not happen.

During 2022 we helped more than 2,700 people, seeing demand for our services increase by yet another 14% on the previous year. Demand has been steadily increasing since 2020 and the Covid-19 pandemic, and it shows no sign of slowing down as we continue to live through challenging times.

Over the past year racing’s people have sought our support with physical and mental health issues, careers advice and retirement to name but a few, with financial assistance being particularly in demand as the ‘Cost of Living Crisis’ continues.

To continue to offer these vital services to racing’s people, Racing Welfare needs to raise more than £3million each year. Without the generosity of our supporters, we would struggle to get there – so thank you for choosing Racing Welfare.

“I can safely say that without the physiotherapy Racing Welfare provided the pain would have been unbearable and I’d not have been able to continue working in a racing yard at all. I’m not exaggerating when I say that my everyday life is genuinely so much more enjoyable now!”
Louisa Allen, head person for Jim Boyle

For more information about Racing Welfare or to donate please visit https://racingwelfare.co.uk

Fitzdares sponsorship

Weatherbys Racing Bank has also partnered with Fitzdares to offer an ownership sponsorship scheme.

Once signed up, you will also qualify under the racehorse owners VAT scheme.

As an owner, you will receive £100+VAT and will be provided with the Fitzdares logo to attach to the front of your silks free of charge.

How much does the scheme cost?

Unlike some schemes, our sponsorship service is completely free of charge with no ongoing membership fees.

Do I need a BHA or Weatherbys Racing Bank account?

It is possible to join the scheme with either a BHA or Weatherbys Racing Bank account.

What do the silks look like?

We will supply the Fitzdares logos which can be attached to the jockey’s silks. Our team will arrange for the logos to be produced and sent to your trainer.

Sign up for the Racehorse Sponsorship Scheme

If you would like to sign up for our Racehorse Sponsorship Scheme or have any questions, please speak to the VAT Services team on +44 (0)1933 543 555. or send an email to vat@weatherbys.bank.