Working with you, from generation to generation

Our experience in rural property, farms and estates means we can identify what matters most to landowners. Our full-service private banking offering also encompasses investment and wealth advice alongside personal and estate banking services.

Since the founding of our parent company over 250 years ago, we have always looked ahead and innovated while also maintaining our focus on providing exceptional levels of personal service.

Our services for landed estates

Each landed estate is unique and there is no ‘one size fits all’ solution. However, an overarching theme across all our clients is the need to ensure that the estate will continue to thrive for future generations.

We understand the increasingly complex financial needs of farms and estates and, as such, we provide a range of services in addition to day to day banking such as lending, deposit accounts, insurance and investment and wealth advice. We also work collaboratively with other professional advisers such as lawyers, accountants and estate agents to create solutions for our clients who are based throughout the UK.

Supporting you to plan for the future

Recent events have highlighted the need for estates to be both resilient and innovative. Many of our clients have used this time to identify and capitalise on the potential opportunities presented by the pandemic with development projects such as holiday lettings, residential development, regeneration and environment projects such as solar and wind farms.

An important part of this includes revisiting existing financial plans including succession planning and tax planning – are they fit for purpose? Do they require reviewing in light of tax changes? Are opportunities being missed?

By working with you, we can establish clear goals over the short, medium and long term by creating a financial roadmap to help achieve those objectives and ensure that your estate is in the best possible position for years to come.

Our landed estates specialists