Multi Owner Account

Our Multi Owner Account is designed for groups of owners who are looking for a simple bank account that they can use to keep track of their racing finances and ensure that all members are kept up to date on the account.

This allows partners and managers the ability to run all the owners’ shared racing-related transactions through one bank account. This account is available to syndicates, clubs and racing partnerships.

Below are the BHA ownership definitions – which we also adopt – to help you identify the correct ownership type when opening an account with us.

Racing Partnership Account – defined as ‘a group of individuals who are known to each other and wish to operate a Multi Owner Account to support their racing interests’.

Syndicate Account – defined as ‘a form of shared racehorse ownership where the Syndicator is paid for their role and/or the method of attracting members includes invitations to the public’.

Club Account – defined as ‘an entertainment associated with racehorses, where the members acquire no ownership rights to, or lease an interest in, any racehorses but may acquire certain benefits such as the sharing of prize money’.

The Weatherbys Multi Owner Account

  • Single bank account
  • Access to online and mobile banking
  • Five free BHA racing transactions per month
  • Electronic statements, including VAT breakdown
  • 10% discount on our VAT Return Service
  • £15 per month, with charges for additional racing transactions
  • Racing Payment Service available at an additional £10 per month