Going on holiday – don’t forget your Weatherbys debit card

Gone are the days when you need to order your foreign currency or travellers’ cheques days ahead of going on holiday. And while it is always handy to have some cash in your pocket, for paying tips or road tolls for example, using your UK debit card overseas is not only convenient, it is also arguably safer than carrying cash.

You can use your Weatherbys debit card outside the UK wherever you see a VISA sign in the same way you do at home – whether you are paying for a hotel, filling up your hire car or enjoying a meal at a beachside restaurant.

“There are no fees for using your debit card abroad for current account clients”

Unlike, many banks, Weatherbys does not charge you for withdrawing cash or making payments overseas. There may be occasions, as in the UK, where a small number of independent cash machine operators charge a transaction fee, but this should be clearly displayed on the screen before you complete the cash withdrawal.

When you use your debit card to withdraw cash or make a payment in a currency other than sterling, we will convert the amount into sterling on the day the transaction is processed using the Visa exchange rate. It’s worth noting that if you withdraw foreign cash or pay for items in shops and restaurants, it’s almost always best to pay in the local currency not in pounds sterling. The exchange rate used will be more favourable because there will be no local currency conversion charges applied.

For travellers going to Europe, it might be worth waiting until you have arrived at your destination before taking out any cash. If you use your debit card to withdraw euros from a cash machine while in the UK, the bank operating the machine will set the exchange rate and may charge you for the conversion.

There may be occasions when a transaction is declined due to local conditions. Sometimes this simply means that you should try a different ATM. However, it is advisable to always take an alternative method of payment with you such as a credit card just in case.

Not only does using a debit card overseas mean that you don’t have to worry about keeping all your cash safe, Weatherbys monitors all card transactions for fraud – 24/7 for 365 days a year. If we identify a suspicious transaction, we will check it with you as soon as possible to ensure it’s not fraudulent. If necessary, we will block your card, which is another reason to take more than one method of payment when you go overseas.

Should you have any questions about using your debit card overseas or on any other overseas money matters, then please contact your private banking team or relationship manager, who will be more than happy to help.