The magic of the printed word as Weatherbys keeps alive the spirit of 1791

Volume 49 of the Weatherbys General Stud Book, which records all Thoroughbreds foaled in Ireland and Great Britain between 2017 and 2021, has just been published.

In 1791 James Weatherby published the first volume of the General Stud Book as the original and authoritative register of the worldwide Thoroughbred breed and it has remained in Weatherbys’ care ever since.

Fewer than 100 editions of the General Stud Book are published every four years – crafted using the finest leather and quality finishes. For the first time in the publication’s history the latest edition is dedicated to three owner/breeders whose influence on the industry and the breed will be felt for many generations to come. Tony Morris has written a short piece that is carried within the General Stud Book recognising the contribution to the breed from Prince Khalid Abdullah, David Thompson and Sheikh Hamdan Al Maktoum.

Weatherbys Chairman Johnny Weatherby commented:

“The General Stud Book is the world’s founding Thoroughbred register and has been at the heart of our Irish and British business for over 230 years. While many other Stud Book Authorities understandably choose no longer to produce printed Stud Books, we as the custodians of the ‘Mother Stud Book’ are committed and indeed feel it is our responsibility to continue to publish this historic record in its original printed format.

“While Weatherbys is at the forefront of developments in many areas of the industry, such as the Weatherbys ePassport and Weatherbys Scientific, we are also conscious and proud of our 250-year heritage.

“I am particularly pleased to be able to dedicate Volume 49 of the General Stud Book to the memory of three owner/breeders in Ireland and Great Britain who have contributed so much to our industries. We are forever grateful to Prince Khalid Abdullah, Sheikh Hamdan Al Maktoum and David Thompson.”

This article was written by Nick Craven, Communications Director at Weatherbys Ltd.

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