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According to our latest report, school fees have effectively risen by an average of 5% each year since 2000 – despite slower fee inflation in 2020. In comparison, the Consumer Price Index has risen by an average of 2% per annum over the same period.
Fees have typically risen at a far faster rate than inflation, meaning parents and grandparents will have paid hundreds of thousands of pounds in school fees (in some cases more than £500,000) by the time their children and grandchildren collect their 'A' Level results and head off to university.

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Boarding school fees soar by twice inflation - Sunday Times, August 2021

With sound financial advice, foresight and planning, we can help you mitigate the rising cost of private education. In our report, Spotlight on: school fees, we review the options open to parents and grandparents looking to fund their children’s or grandchildren’s schooling. These include taking advantage of investment tax breaks and using trusts to reduce inheritance tax liabilities.

Download your guide to school fees

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