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Rory Sutherland – The future of the planet

Why are we irrational and unpredictable? Rory explains how we can understand what makes us tick so we can shape a future that works for everyone.  

To find out more watch Rory's talk below and you can click here to download his slide presentation. 

Who is he?

Rory co-heads a team of psychology graduates who look for “butterfly effects” in consumer behaviour – very small contextual changes which can have enormous effects on the decisions people make.


What’s his mission?

Seeking out unexpected (and inexpensive) nudges that transform the way that people think and act.


Which of his books should I read?

The Wiki Man mixes interviews, doodles, quotes and excerpts from his popular online lectures.


Interesting fact?

From being described as ‘the worst graduate trainee that Ogilvy and Mather had ever hired, Rory rose through the ranks to become Vice Chairman of the Ogilvy Group.


Best Quote

”You can bamboozle people with fairly shambolic statistics, very, very easily. I think it’s a very dangerous thing to the extent that you have a population which is often terrified of completely the wrong thing.”

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