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Liz Parrish - Health and medicine

Biological decay is the master disease now being addressed by new techniques in gene and cell therapy. In 2015 Liz became Patient 0 for potentially mass-market gene therapy. Her ambition is to make gene therapies affordable for the mass market by 2030.

To find out more watch Liz’s talk below and you can click here to download her slide presentation. 

Twitter: @ParrishLiz


Who is she?

CEO of biotechnology company BioViva, founding member of the International Longevity Alliance, proponent of gene therapies to slow the ageing process, citizen scientist.

What’s her mission?

To extend the healthy lifespan of humans by encouraging open access to existing research, and revision of regulatory environments to allow gene treatment to be translated more quickly to humans.

What’s different about her approach?

BioViva supports the idea of innovative and adaptive clinical trials, and new models for preclinical testing. It also supports earlier gene and cell therapy in humans. “We have to stop being risk-adverse. We’ll be as safe as we possibly can, but safety and very expensive trials do not go hand in hand.”

Interesting fact?

Liz argues the case for addressing the ageing process by stating: “By 2050 there’ll be 1,003 per cent more people living over the age of 100. It’s fantastic news that we’re living longer, but we need to live healthy longer.”

Best quote?

“I believe that everyone should have the human right to take the medicine that they want to and make the decision for themselves... Eventually we will be buying biotechnologies like we buy apps.”

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