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David Price OBE – The Future of work and society

AI and robotics are changing the way we work. What’s replacing ‘the job’ and how can we prepare for it? David explores the irreversible shift towards the gig economy and how organisations are helping people adapt their working lives for the better.

To find out more watch David’s talk below and you can click here to download his slide presentation. 

Twitter: @DavidPriceOBE

Who is he?

David is a learning futurist and co-founder of We Do Things Differently, a culture change company. He is also a Senior Associate at the Innovation Unit, in London.


What’s his mission?

David writes, talks and advises on some of the biggest challenges facing business, education, and society, including solving the problems of employee, student and civic disengagement; maximising our potential to be creative, innovative and fulfilled citizens, and understanding the global shift towards open organisations and systems of learning.


Which of his books should I read?

David’s recent book, “OPEN: How We’ll Work, Live and Learn In The Future” has been an Amazon bestseller since its publication, and is described by fellow futurist Mark Stevenson as “a tour de force that is by turns inspiring, shocking, highly entertaining, but above all practical.”


Interesting fact?

“By 2020, 50% of all jobs in the US and UK will be freelance.”


Best quote

“The aftershock of the global financial crisis is compounded by the dawning realisation that globalisation isn’t simply an economic theory. It has costs and human consequences – and there seems to be nothing we can do about it.”

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