Breakfast At Tiffany's

International Women's Day 2019

The female bankers at Weatherbys Private Bank much enjoyed their morning at Tiffany to celebrate International Women’s Day.  In between admiring the fabulous pieces of jewellery, they listened to Coralie Baernhoft of Tiffany talk about the diamond worn by Lady Gaga when she won her first Oscar.

One of the most dazzling yellow diamonds ever to be found, it has quite the story, from it’s discovery in 1877 in South Africa where it came out of the earth on and traveled to London for sale. Founder, Charles Lewis Tiffany, was quite the entrepreneur and had the vision that he could transform this already extraordinary rough into a celebrated diamond. He purchased the diamond and gave George Kunz the responsibility to cut the diamond into what we now see today, a extraordinary 128.54ct fancy intense yellow diamond. Not only is the cut absolutely phenomenal it has been set in exquisite designs and in it’s 142 years of existence it’s only been worn 3 times;  in 57, by an American socialite Mrs. Sheldon Whitehouse, and in 61 by Audrey Hepburn at the premier of Breakfast at Tiffany’s and when it completed Lady Gaga’s outfit this year at the Oscar’s. 

We may not sell 128.54 carat diamonds, but Weatherbys was also founded by an entrepreneurial man with a vision that created a business which is still flourishing today.  James Weatherby founded Weatherbys in 1770 and amongst other things published the first General Stud Book - a record all the new English Thoroughbreds that resulted from cross breeding the English horse with the five Arabian stallions brought to England at that time.  As well as continuing to publish the General Stud Book today, Weatherbys has moved into banking services.

Weatherbys Private Bank has continued the tradition of its parent company of looking ahead and innovating but also maintaining the focus on providing excellent personal service.  It is this exceptional personal service combined with heritage and innovation that makes Weatherbys a different kind of private bank.  As an independent, family owned business we are free to deliver what we know our clients value most; a one-to-one relationship with a banker they know who is always easy to contact and quick to respond. 

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