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Of all the technologies of the last few decades that have grabbed the headlines, Artificial intelligence is the most pervasive. It is creating a different world that some find threatening, yet holds huge promise across almost all sectors and industries.


Among the most obvious areas in which AI will revolutionise our world is work. AI will undoubtedly replace jobs – but it may also create others we haven’t even thought of yet. It’s also starting to liberate us from tasks we thought humans would always have to do, but now discover we can let go, such as driving.


AI also holds great promise for improving our health, including our mental health, thanks to smart home assistants, smartphones and wearables. Robotic surgeons will be commonplace, overseen by human surgeons on the other side of the planet.


For the next generation, AI is already delivering benefits into schools and promises to revolutionise education – and who doesn’t welcome that?


There will always be things that are so uniquely human that AI won’t be able to replace them, and AI is unlikely to excel at interdisciplinary thinking. Now, though, is a truly pivotal moment in the world of AI, as many of the speakers at Creating The Future will delve into. Set a reminder on your smart watch now…



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