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Jeremy Leggett – The future of the planet

Solar and wind are becoming our cheapest sources of energy, outstripping all predictions. Trends in clean and smart energy technologies are driving irreversible change and policymakers, corporations and communities are amplifying it, with more and more cities committing to 100% renewables.

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Who is he?

Social entrepreneur, writer, energy and climate watcher, founder of Solarcentury and SolarAid, Associate Fellow at the Environmental Change Institute at Oxford University, winner of awards including the first Hillary Laureate for International Leadership in Climate Change (2009) and first non-Dutch winner of a Royal Dutch Honorary Sustainability Award (2016). He pledged to give back his degree from Oxford University if it voted against dropping fossil-fuel investments in 2015.


What’s his mission?

Heightening awareness of global energy issues and climate change, and campaigning for a greener economy.


Which of his books should I read?

The Winning of the Carbon War has won plaudits from entrepreneurs, academics, bankers, scientist, campaigners, MPs and film directors. Richard Branson is a fan.


Interesting fact?

“122 major companies are now pledged to 100% renewable electricity supply, and 25 are already 100%. If this #RE100 club were a country, it would be 24th biggest in the world in terms of electricity use.”


Best quote?

“If I had a dollar for every time some energy expert or other had told me solar PV takes up too much land I reckon I could have financed the #solar powering of #Africa by now.”

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