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The hassle-free route to reclaiming your racing-related VAT

Ever since 1993, racehorse owners have been able to recoup on average £3,700 a year by simply registering for VAT.
By signing up to the Racehorse Owners VAT Scheme you can reclaim VAT on many costs – including the purchase price of a horse, training fees, vet's fees and blacksmith fees. You can also reclaim VAT on certain out-of-pocket expenses such as hotel bills spent while you are watching your horse race or train.

Why sign up?

  • average saving of £3,700 per year per horse in training
  • Reclaim the VAT on the purchase price of each horse
  • Weatherbys Racing Bank will process your invoices and complete your VAT return

To sign up as a registered owner, you can be a sole proprietor, a partnership or limited company. If you own a part share in a racehorse you can only register for VAT if you own at least 50 per cent, otherwise you must register as a partnership with the other part share owners.
As with most things tax, the devil can be in the detail and that's why it makes sense to seek expert help to navigate your way through the scheme. Handling VAT yourself can also prove a complex and time-consuming task.

How we help our clients

At Weatherbys Racing Bank, our VAT Services team takes all the administrative burden away from you. We provide advice and deal with HMRC on your behalf on all VAT affairs – taking care of everything from online applications to the collation and submission of quarterly VAT returns.
Caroline Marray, Manager at Weatherbys Racing Bank, VAT Services, says: "We complete VAT returns for both single horse owners and large scale owners, who may own more than a hundred horses. We also process returns on behalf of breeders, submitting both their racing and breeding reclaims in a single return.
"Not everyone is aware you can reclaim VAT. One client recently received more than £10,000 in backdated VAT to 2017, which otherwise he wouldn’t have had."

Why Weatherbys?

Our VAT Services Team has more than fifteen years’ experience in providing a professional, accessible and knowledgeable service to racehorse owners. We aim to maximize the benefits of the VAT Scheme for our clients and ensure that all paperwork is completed accurately and on time in all cases. Our charges are also one of the most competitive in this market.
For Weatherbys Racing Bank account clients, we offer reconciliation for syndicates and a bespoke service whereby we can provide details of horse’s income and expenditure throughout the year.

If you would like to find out more about our VAT service or would like to open a Weatherbys Racing Bank account, please click here

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Caroline Marray

VAT Return Service Manager

Caroline Marray, VAT Return Service Manager, joined the Racing Division of Weatherbys Limited in 1996 after graduating from the University of Leicester. She moved to Weatherbys Bank in 2004, where her racing expertise has been put to good use. She is a keen follower of jump racing, aiming to never miss a Cheltenham meeting.

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