Your New Debit Card

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What to do when you receive your new debit card

All clients will receive their new VISA debit card before 1st June 2021. If you have not received one by this date, please call our Bank Helpdesk on (0)1933 543 543.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will my old card continue to work?
From 1st June 2021, all previous versions of the debit cards will no longer work as we have transitioned to a new card provider. You must destroy your current debit card, regardless of the expiry date, by cutting the chip into two pieces.

How can I use and activate my new debit card?
We have created two handy guides containing lots of information about how to activate, manage, and take advantage of your new debit card.

Download Debit Card FAQ

If you would like some more information about the new Weatherbys Card App, please click here.

Download Weatherbys Card App FAQ

Apple Pay and Google Pay

We have partnered wtih Apple Pay and Google Pay to make contactless payments even easier.

Click here to find out more about our partnership with Apple Pay.

Download Weatherbys Card app from Apple App store
Download Weatherbys Card app from Google Play store

Do you need some more help? Access our user FAQs using the links below.
Download Google Pay FAQs
Download Apple Pay FAQs

Debit Card & Weatherbys Card App User Guide

Click here to download a comprehensive guide about how to use and access the features of your new debit card.


Key features

Changing the PIN number

Never reveal your PIN to anyone.

You can change your PIN at any Visa ATM machine in the UK.

Contactless payments

Your debit card is automatically enabled for contactless payments.

Mobile payments are available through both Apple Pay and Google Pay. You can activate this functionality by adding your card to your mobile Wallet.

Using your card abroad

Weatherbys will not charge you for withdrawing cash or making payments overseas.

When making payments overseas using your card, we advise you to pay in the local currency. It’s better value.

What to do if you lose your card

In the unfortunate event that your card is lost or stolen, do not panic.

If you have downloaded the Weatherbys Card App, you can use it to block the card while you try to locate it.  Alternatively, call the Bank Helpdesk +44 (0)1933 543 543 and our team will be on hand to help you out. We will ensure you receive a replacement or have access to funds as soon as possible.

Fraud Protection

Pin Security

Never tell anyone your PIN or write it down. If you have forgotten your PIN and you have downloaded the Weatherbys Card app, simply open the app, tap on the image of the card and choose Card PIN from the menu. You can retrieve your PIN whenever you need to. If you have not downloaded the App, you can do so at any time – search ‘Weatherbys Card’ via the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. If you do not wish to download the app, contact the Cards team on 01933 543543 and a reminder can be sent to you by post.
If you input your PIN three times incorrectly whilst making a purchase, your PIN will be temporarily blocked for security. If this happens and you know or can retrieve the correct PIN, you can release the block at any VISA ATM by using the PIN services option.

Suspicious Activity

We monitor all card transactions for fraud 24/7/365. If we identify a suspicious transaction, its important for us to check it with you as soon as possible.

We, or our out of hours service centre, may call you between the hours of 8am and 10pm. Your card will be temporarily blocked to avoid any further loss until we have checked the transaction with you. If you receive a call outside normal banking hours, it will be from our out of hours service team. You don’t have to speak with them unless you want to but your card will remain blocked for your security in the meantime.

If we do block your card because we have identified a suspicious transaction we will also notify you immediately by text message so that you can call us at your convenience if you are not able, or do not wish to take a call from us or our agents.

If you are concerned that your card details may have been compromised call the Bank Helpdesk immediately on +44 (0)1933 543 543.

Guide to Fraud Protection

Criminals are finding increasingly sophisticated ways to part people from their money. Please download our Guide to Fraud Protection and check you have taken all the steps necessary to protect your personal information and wealth.



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