Creating the Future 2019


‘Consider Getting Arrested,’ Rich Clients of Private Bank Told​
By Tom Metcalf

The besuited millionaires chuckled and shifted nervously in their chairs as the co-founder of climate-change protest group Extinction Rebellion urged them to embrace their radical sides.

“Consider getting arrested, seriously,” Gail Bradbrook told about 450 people at a London conference this month hosted by Weatherbys Private Bank, whose clients are drawn from among Britain’s wealthiest strata.

She was preceded by speakers that included Cambridge University professor David Runciman, who advocated allowing children as young as age 6 to vote in U.K. elections. During breaks, guests could lug full jerry cans up and down a reception room to better appreciate the difficulties of those lacking access to clean water.

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Creating the future… with a little bit of help from Weatherbys​
By Alec Marsh

Weatherbys Private Bank hosts an exclusive conference, Creating the Future, with climate change at the top of the agenda.

Somewhat unorthodox, but certainly eye-catching: the first speaker at Weatherbys Private Bank’s Creating the Future conference this week compared tackling climate change to sex.

‘We need to make the green future a participation virus through collaboration,’ the ‘futurologist’ Mark Stevenson – author of An Optimist’s Tour of the Future – declared with a slide behind him showing the cover of Alex Comfort’s 1970s hit, The Joy of Sex. In other words, if we make change something we enjoy doing, we’re likely to do a lot more of it, he said championing ‘bottom-up diverse collaboration’, the best current example of which might well be the Extinction Rebellion protests.

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