Sustainability on Savile Row

Huntsman, Partner of Creating the Future 2019

This week we are featuring an article contributed by Huntsman, a valued partner supporting our Creating the Future Conference.  Weatherbys and Huntsman have much in common: heritage, horses, the ‘handling of delicate matters’ as well as an appetite for looking into the future.


By Emma Coady, Huntsman

Have you ever heard of a “pork” whilst on a trip to London’s Savile Row? It is a term affectionately used inside the trade when referring to an un-liked, ill-fitting or damaged garment and you will find many of them hidden away in the attics of the world’s finest tailors. 

Appalled by this practice and inherent waste of good cloth, Huntsman owner Pierre Lagrange has decided to put those “porks” to good use.  London College of Fashion Students have been enlisted to deconstruct and reimagine them as new creations which defy gender norms and push new boundaries whilst blending Huntsman’s rich heritage with an injection of imagination. A connection to new expression is important and relevant to Huntsman and the designs have reflected this since it was founded, nearly two centuries ago.

Tengri Noble Yarns, Huntsman


Huntsman cutters and style advisors nurture personal relationships with clients and a human-sartorial cord is tied, like a good private banker that earns trust. Both handle delicate matters with the discretion of moths in daylight. Father’s Day was the perfect opportunity for Huntsman to invite the next generation to meet with their skilled team of cutters at 11 Savile Row where clients can enjoy a completely bespoke fitting experience in the room immortalised in the film, Kingsman. Here they revived pieces inherited from relatives and loved ones to create a whole new look for both men and women. Thus, highlighting the longevity each Huntsman bespoke item has alongside sentimental value, a thousand treasured memories lie between the seams.
Huntsman has always worked at the vanguard of sustainability, making garments using a selection of durable and sustainable cloth. A fitting example is the Tengri’s fibres we use, sourced from yaks grazing the mountains of Mongolia. Yaks eat just the top of the grass, promoting biodiversity, a sustainable alternative to cashmere goats’ grazing habits, which often causes widespread deforestation.


Huntsman’s involvement in Weatherby’s seminar ‘Creating the Future’ reflects a passion for a challenge that will need to be met to enable radical change to protect our planet. Too often focus is directed towards the issue, whereas this seminar lifts the veils on possible solutions. Weatherby’s and Huntsman are custodians of strong tradition and yet are innovative in meeting client needs in a modern world and share a rich equestrian heritage.
Since 1770 Weatherbys has registered all thoroughbred horses within The General Stud Book, providing a host of services to racecourses, owners, trainers, breeders, and enthusiasts. Since awarded the mark of recognition of the Royal Warrant in the 1800s as breech maker to The Prince of Wales, racegoers have long turned to Huntsman for advice and inspiration, whether they desire technical elegance of the hunting jacket on a horse, or in the grandstand with a subtly stylish morning suit, Huntsman is the purveyor of choice to elegant hippophiles, led by John Warrenracing advisor to Her Majesty the Queen. 


Pierre’s unbridled energy is infectious, and he has a clear vision of how he sees Huntsman progressing.
"Tailored dressing etiquette adapts to modern life with more occasions where shirts and trousers, or jacket and jeans are de rigueur, yet one should still enjoy the bespoke making of those separate pieces. Flexing our sartorial muscles, we adapt to new ways of dressing to stay current. We believe in producing garments with perpetuity, superseding designs churned out in a questionable ethical fog."

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