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“Our goal is to help private clients, both existing and new, to keep going through this difficult period so that when the economy thaws out again, they are ready.”

From refinancing existing loans to providing liquidity to entrepreneurs and investors, there are many ways to mitigate the impact of COVID-19 on your financial affairs.

Quentin Marshall, Head of Private Banking, explains how that can be achieved.

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If you are looking for some help through this difficult period, please get in touch.


The drastic measures taken to contain the coronavirus pandemic are necessary to protect lives, but they have also resulted in unprecedented disruption to the economy and to our daily existence. Most businesses are reliant on a steady flow of customers, reliable supply chains, and access to working capital. With individuals largely confined to their homes, many businesses face severe challenges – in some cases, entire industries have simply had to shut down. 

In effect, COVID-19 has forced the authorities to put the economy into deep freeze. The government strategy to deal with this disruption has been to provide businesses and individuals with as much financial assistance as possible in order to cushion the impact of the inevitable downturn. The hope is that while the recession will be deep and painful, the ensuing recovery – as and when we return to our previous routines – will be both rapid and strong enough to enable the majority of people and firms to re-turn to something approaching their pre-outbreak trajectory. 

In line with this aim, our goal here at Weatherbys Private Bank is to help private clients, both existing and new, to keep going through this difficult period, so that when the economy thaws out again, they are ready.” While many of the large banks are understandably struggling to maintain operations, we are a relatively focused and nimble organisation that means we have been able to make a largely seamless transition to working within the lockdown guidelines. Our services remain almost entirely as usual: all our operational systems are fully functional and we are easily contactable by phone or email.

We have not delayed or called a halt to any lending transactions previously in process, and we are very much open to writing new lending business: extending overdrafts, providing bridging loans, or offering mortgages at our normal interest rates. With clients increasingly more worried about security of deposits rather than the interest rates they are securing, we have seen an influx of cash deposits – Weatherbys remains highly liquid with very strong financial ratios, which underpins our ability to continue writing new lending business as before. 

One benefit of being a family-owned, service-focused bank is our short lines of communication, which mean that decisions can be made and turned around rapidly. And while many lenders are currently struggling to offer secured lending because of the inability to perform property valuations, we have never solely considered property values when lending – if other aspects of the proposition are strong, we will take a view on valuations where possible. 

Refinancing existing loans

For example, we recently helped a landlord to refinance a £3m loan, secured against a property portfolio valued at around £6m. Given the current environment, several of our client’s tenants had expressed concern over their ability to continue meeting rental payments due to the lockdown. Our client was keen to work with each individual to agree reduced or deferred rents, but needed to secure their own cash flow position to be able to do so.

Weatherbys agreed to offer the landlord the option to roll up loan interest for six months, and to pay a reduced amount on the loan based on their actual cash flow position each month, and then discuss a repayment schedule once the crisis is past. Any “unpaid” loan interest during this time will be charged at the same rate as the rest of the loan, not a penalty rate. As a result, the landlord now has the flexibility to support their tenants in the short term, safe in the knowledge that their own cash flow position is secured.

Providing liquidity to entrepreneurs and investors in difficult times

We can also work with individual entrepreneurs to help them to support their businesses where they need extra flexibility in these extraordinary circumstances. For example, last month, one entrepreneur client needed a short-term overdraft to boost their cash flow for the coming year. The entrepreneur in question has a significant asset base, but the sale of a particular asset had been delayed. We were able to provide an increased overdraft at very short notice to ensure they could inject funds so the business remained financially stable in the coming months.

The client already had a £1.5m overdraft, used for investing in new business as well as general cash flow purposes, secured against property assets valued at £11.5m. This balance normally goes up and down over time as they receive cash from asset sales and investments and is drawn down as they need the cash flow. They had been expecting to raise around £3m in the coming months from the sale of various assets, but due to the current circumstances, there was a risk of delay. So, in just three days, we agreed a £500,000 increase to his overdraft facility to provide further support.

Tell your family and friends

At a time like this, faced with an immediate and entirely unexpected crisis that has disrupted all of our lives, we all need to support and assist one another as best we can. If we work together to offer that support, then when we eventually emerge from this difficult period, it will make the recovery process quicker and less damaging.

In short, Weatherbys is open for business for private clients. If you need to discuss a loan or are looking for a private bank with a personal service that you can rely on when times get hard, please do give us a call. And if you have family or friends who are having difficulty accessing personal banking services from their current bank, put them in touch with us. We’ll be happy to see if we can do anything to help.

Can we help you?

If you are looking for some help through this difficult period, please get in touch.



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Cash Flow Planning


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