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Ed Fidoe – Education and Learning

It’s not just coding that children need to thrive in the 21st century, but timeless attributes like oracy, craftsmanship, spark and grit. In a world of AI and robots, Ed argues teaching interdisciplinary thinking is the way to ‘future proof’ the next generation.

To find out more watch Ed’s talk below and you can click here to download his slide presentation. 


Who is he?

Ed is co-founder of School 21 and chairs the MAT Board. School 21, based in Stratford, has been rated as Outstanding by OFSTED, and placed in the top 5% of the country’s schools for progress in the first set of GCSEs in 2017. Ed is now leading a team to establish a new, innovative university, opening in 2020. He has advised Cambridge University, the LSE, Teach First and Eton College. He is also a co-founder of EDSPACE, a co-working space for innovative education companies.


What’s his mission?

Ed came together with fellow School 21 co-founders Peter Hyman and Oli de Botton with a shared belief that education must be done differently if we are to prepare young people properly for the world they are going in to. They believe that schools need to rebalance head (academic success), heart (character and wellbeing) and hand (generating ideas, problem solving and making a difference).

Best Quote

On teaching speaking skills in education: “Everyone agrees it’s vital. So knowing this, our system has a choice – it can either teach speaking skills or not teach speaking skills. But it’s conjured up a third option, to punish them. Woe betide you if you speak in class”.

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