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In the first article of our Investment & Wealth Advice series, we explore bridging loans as an option for clients looking to downsize as they enter retirement and how Weatherbys can work with them to manage any equity released to create an effective plan for their future.

  • Bridging loans provide significant flexibility for clients looking to downsize their large, uneconomical family properties as they enter retirement
  • A bridging loan will allow a client to secure a smaller property before giving up their home to mitigate any risk should an onward chain collapse
  • Weatherbys can offer competitive rates to those clients who choose to use our comprehensive Investment & Wealth Advice service to manage any additional wealth released in the sale
  • Our Investment & Wealth Advice service includes annual cash flow modelling which will provide clients with financial peace of mind
  • Different scenarios can be modelled with varying assumptions to stress test different financial scenarios for clients and their families 
  • Our investment service has both passive and active offerings, depending on the requirements of a client’s portfolio


We know that your life is dynamic and that it can be hard to predict your future needs as you enter retirement; what may have once been the perfect home for you and your family may now be too large and impractical, causing unnecessary financial stress and expenditure.

Whilst every property will occasionally require maintenance that lies outside the homeowners' physical or financial comfort zones, if you find that you are regularly struggling to perform the chores required to maintain your home, now might be the time to find a solution through downsizing.
Many clients, wary of the sale of a property or onward chain collapsing, ask us how they can ensure that they have a new property secured before giving up their family home. The answer – a bridging loan.
Traditionally bridging loans were known to be very expensive and hard to access if you had reached retirement age. Happily, this is no longer the case and a bridging loan from Weatherbys will allow you to borrow temporarily at a competitive rate, giving you the flexibility to move into a new property before selling your family home. 
Another common issue facing many of our clients as they begin to plan for their retirement is that they do not know how much money they will need for their future. Clients often come to us asking “How soon can I afford to retire?”, “Will I have enough money saved for the lifestyle I want to live?“, “Can I afford to live to one hundred?” and “How can I do all of this whilst taking advantage of government sponsored tax shelters, such as pensions and ISAs?”
Pulling together all these factors can be quite daunting for most people; this is without taking any variables into consideration such as how long they might live and how many people will be dependent on them. This is where a well thought out and executed investment & wealth strategy is vital – both for clients planning for retirement and for those already enjoying it. 


Using our sophisticated in-house modelling tools, we will take into consideration all of the key variables likely to affect your financial circumstances and develop a personal plan showing how your financial position is likely to change over the remainder of your life.  Most importantly, it allows you to trial a number of “what if” scenarios, allowing you to feel truly comfortable that you have a wide margin of error to protect you and your family financially.
Once you are armed with a plan, new questions will inevitably arise; “How should I invest my savings and what impact does this have on how much I need to save today?”, “What is really important to me: safety or maximising my long-term wealth, even if it means taking more risk?”, “I know how much risk I am comfortable with, but how much do I actually need to take: maybe I am taking too much to meet my objectives?", "What about the effects of inflation on assets?" and “How should I invest my assets to meet my goals?”
At Weatherbys we have a skilled team of financial planning experts who will build you a detailed cash flow plan.  Their advice is both impartial and independent, and not linked to the sale of any products. We pride ourselves on being fully transparent on costs.  We charge for financial planning advice by the hour, ensuring you receive as much or as little support as you truly need.
Beyond the cash flow plan, our financial planners can also help with pensions, ISAs, life insurance and inheritance tax.  We also provide investment advice to those who require it as part of our holistic Investment & Wealth Advice service.  This advice is truly impartial because as a business we are free of any conflicts of interest. 

Think carefully before securing debt against your home. Your home may be repossessed if you do not keep up repayments on a mortgage or any debt secured against it. Our mortgages and loans are subject to underwriting and criteria. You must be 18 years or over to apply for a mortgage or other loan secured on your property. Terms and conditions apply.


To find out more about a Weatherbys Private Bank Bridging loan and our services, please contact Ollie Barnett