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Dr Aseem Malhotra – Health and Medicine

Our healthcare system is in crisis. An epidemic of misinformed doctors and patients are driving the over-prescription of medications. Dr Aseem puts forward the case for simple lifestyle changes which he argues can prove more effective than prescriptions.

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Twitter: @DrAseemMalhotra

Who is he?

Described as an inspiration by Jamie Oliver, Aseem has become one of the most influential and well-known health campaigners in the world, and a pioneer of the lifestyle medicine movement in the UK.


What’s his mission?

Aseem writes regularly in academic medical journals and print newspapers, campaigning about the use of sugar and highlighting the harms of too much medicine. He has been named in a list of obesity activists that include Michelle Obama and Michael Bloomberg.


Which of his books should I read?

His book “The Pioppi Diet: A 21-Day Lifestyle Plan” has been described by Richard Thompson, former physician to HRH Queen Elizabeth as “revolutionary”.


Interesting fact

It is estimated that diet-related diseases are responsible for 35 million deaths per year worldwide, dwarfing smoking-related ones of 5 to 8 million.


Best quote

On the dangers of sugar, “According to Britain's chief medical officer, Dame Sally Davies, our continued failure to act may result in the first generation of children that will be outlived by their parents. That is a truly chilling prospect that can no longer be ignored.”