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Weatherbys joins new Cheque Imaging Service

From 30th April Weatherbys Bank will start phasing in a new image clearing service for cheques. This will allow us to clear some cheques by close of business on the next working day.

Due to the shorter clearing time, it is important to ensure that you have sufficient funds available in your account when you make a payment by cheque.

For more information please visit the Cheque and Clearing Company Website.

We have included some general questions below. For any other queries, please contact the Bank Helpdesk on +44(0)1933 304777.

Q: What is cheque imaging?

A: Cheque imaging is the process that enables images of cheques to be exchanged between banks and building societies, through the Image Clearing System, for clearing and payment. This significantly speeds up the clearing process.


Q: Why is this change taking place?

A: To improve the efficiency and speed of the clearing process, the industry has chosen a method of clearing cheques that uses 21st century technology. This will help protect the future of cheques so that customers can use them for as long as they want.


Q: Does this change how I use cheques?

A: There are no changes in how you use, issue and pay in cheques. The new clearing system will speed up the time it takes a cheque to clear meaning funds will be available for you to use much quicker than they are currently.


Q: What are the benefits to me as a client?

A: Cheque clearing timescales will be faster - the funds from a paid in cheque will be available to you more quickly. The new system speeds up the time it takes a cheque to clear from six weekdays to the end of the next weekday (bank holidays excluded).


The future of the cheque is secured - the move to image processing will help protect the cheque so that you can continue to use them for as long as you want.


You don’t have to do anything differently if you don’t want to - you will still write cheques and give them or post them to recipients just as you do now. If you want to carry on paying in cheques as you do at the moment, you will still be able to do so.


Q: Will I still be able to use my existing chequebook?

A: Yes, you will still be able to use your existing chequebook.


Q: Will I still be able to stop a cheque if it is cleared via the image-based system?

A: Yes. You have a legal right to stop a cheque before the cheque has been paid. However, there will be significantly less time to do this with cheque imaging as the clearing timescales are much quicker.