Creating The Future 2021 brought together thought leaders in government, industry, multinational organisations, science and society who discussed the issues that will affect us now and in the future.

Topics under the spotlight included:

  • What businesses and governments should do to enable a sustainable future.
  • How pioneering technology will transform the future of healthcare.
  • What the future of food looks like and its potential impact on our society and cultural behaviours.
  • A future information landscape in which fake information is impossible to distinguish from the truth.

The business case for stakeholder capitalism.

Paul Polman – Founder & Chair, IMAGINE
Covid hasn’t changed the issues we all face, just added urgency. More of us now understand the complexities of our system and it’s time for business leaders to step up and act with courage to create momentum for the opportunities that lie ahead.

Information warfare.

Carl Miller – Research Director, CASM
Welcome to the world of dark influence, where those fighting this battle are trying to manipulate what’s seen and believed and to influence culture and values. We might call it “fake news” or “disinformation” but while it’s something we see around us every day the way it operates is known to relatively few.

The future of digital health.

Professor Shafi Ahmed – Surgeon
The pandemic has demonstrated how innovation can rapidly be deployed to improve patient outcomes and experiences. Exponential technologies are allowing health and care to be reimagined and the future of health will be supported by digital transformation to make it more accessible, affordable and equitable.

How to talk to robots – a guide to demystifying a world dominated by AI.

Tabitha Goldstaub – Chair of UK Government AI Council
AI has the potential to improve human quality of life significantly. From healthcare and education, to revolutionizing the world of work, to helping address the climate crisis, if adopted ethically and responsibly the opportunities are endless.

Food and the future of eating.

Dr Morgaine Gaye – Food Futurologist
From a place of uncertainty, we need to understand how the events of 2020 impacted our realities and how they will inform our futures. Food never exists in a vacuum and all other aspirations inform what we will eat and why.

From Paris to Glasgow and beyond.

Tom Rivett-Carnac & Nigel Topping – Climate champions
From the moment of collaboration at the Paris agreement a sense of solidarity is coming back around the shared goal of Net Zero by 2050. This decade will be decisive as we move from shared intent to action, needing to understand complex industrial system change as the speed of change accelerates.

If not now, when?

Mark Stevenson – Futurologist
Humanity finds itself at a turning point, staring into the Long Emergency of the next 30 years. It is also The Big Opportunity. Here’s why.