Changing our leaves, keeping our roots.

Founded in 1770, Weatherbys is a family run business that has evolved over the last 250 years to become a group of companies involved in a wide range of activities, predominantly focused on horse racing and banking.

We believe the key to our longevity has been slow and steady growth, keeping true to our roots but also changing with the times to ensure our services remain relevant to our customers.



Two hundred and fifty years have now passed since James Weatherby was appointed by the Jockey Club as Secretary, Keeper of the Matchbook and Stakeholder, and so in the process founding Weatherbys.

Now expanded to a group of eight companies, Weatherbys remains a family owned and family run business with seventh generation Johnny Weatherby as Chairman of the racing division and younger brother Roger as CEO of the banking group, both ensuring that things are still done the "Weatherbys Way".

Old fashioned words such as integrity, courtesy, accuracy and reliability still lie at the heart of the way we do business.  Equally so do words such as forward looking and innovation.  The General Studbook, that we still publish today, was the ultimate example of looking ahead and seeing an opportunity.

By staying true to our roots whilst adapting to change, we hope to safeguard the business for another 250 years.



We have chosen to mark our 250th anniversary in a way that simultaneously celebrates our history and looks ahead to the future by the planting of a wood.

In the Autumn of 2020 every member of staff will be given a tree to plant on some land that we have secured close by to our headquarters in Wellingborough. This will be the start of what we are calling ‘The Weatherbys Wood’. Over five hundred trees will be planted initially, expanding as new members of staff join the company.

As well as creating a place that staff and their families can enjoy, the planting of the Weatherbys Wood also fits with our focus on the environment and commitment to reducing the impact of climate change through our actions and policies.



You will see that we have created a 250th logo designed to reflect our deep roots, steady growth and to symbolise the importance of family.  It will appear on all our websites, stationery and materials throughout the year.

Later in the year we will release a film that tells the story of how Weatherbys has become a group of eight companies since it was first founded in 1770. In the meantime, if you’d like to know more about the history of Weatherbys, please click here.